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We ensure the high quality of the products and services we offer, with the new unique insurance plan for new and existing customers.

This particular plan covers one or more incidents totaling the amount of  €300.000 per year, excluding the first €2.000 of losses. It covers possible damages/losses occurred by operation failure of our security systems installed, technical personnel and central monitoring station operators. The plan is valid for customers currently using the company’s products and services with an active service agreement, their systems are monitored by our central monitoring station and all their invoices are fully settled. In addition, it is valid for customers that use KRYPTO SECURITY exclusively for their premises security system needs, as customers that install systems from more than one security company, expose their safety among different technicians and professionals that  have access to their safety design.

We offer you the most reliable and technologically advanced security systems, always according to your needs. With the specific insurance plan we ensure the high quality of our products and services and prove our loyalty to you, our customers. This insurance plan is completely free to both existing and new customers.

Contact us for more information and enjoy the high quality services by KRYPTO SECURITY.

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