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Cyprus’s legal system in cooperation with the Police ensures the legitimacy of the companies providing you with security services, according to the law “Ν.125(Ι)/07 and Ν.54(Ι)/2009″ that ensures their official operation permit.

Krypto Security is authorized by the Cyprus Police Force, according to the specific law for all its activities.

The particular law strictly prohibits any electronic or physical security service by the companies that do not have this license from the Police. That is why it is recommended for the customers’ safety and the legality of the transaction with the company that provides security systems, since the insurance companies can withdraw their cover, to always ask for the official license from the company of your choice, as well as the license of the technical staff who will work at your place. According to the specific law, the particular license can be obtained even for a company with only one person and so it is recommended that the client asks to receive a list of all licensed technical personnel, so as to identify that the number of technicians can prove a solid service team able to support technical inquiries or system expansions in time, especially on holidays or during non-working hours.

Particularly, according to law “Ν.125(Ι)/07 and Ν.54(Ι)/2009″, Krypto Security owns all the necessary licenses that concern the company and its technical staff, for any security services that include the following:

  1. Installation, maintenance and monitoring of the machines and security systems, alarm systems, fire alarms, fire protection, CCTV systems and access control, theft and protection of goods.
  2. Installation and management of control centers and transmission of alarm systems.
  3. Studies and design of electronic and physical security systems.

You can always contact the police stations in every city, in order to check if a certain company provides products and security services and has the specific license of doing so.

Do not trust your safety to companies that do not have a legal license for operation or not enough staff, since you will not get the required service. The law gives you the opportunity to obtain the most important information that has to do with the number of technical staff, a factor that will ensure your future safety and peace of mind. It is extremely important that the people and the company that are in charge of your safety, own the specific certificates and their operations must comply with the relevant law of the Republic of Cyprus.

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