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KRYPTO SECURITY presents the innovative and sophisticated technology of Appearance Search engine for video data developed by Avigilon. This is a new way to search video that allows you to quickly locate a specific person or vehicle of interest across all your cameras that can be from 100 or 1000s of camera feeds in seconds.  By simply clicking on a suspect that is present on the camera's field of view, you request from the system to track and find this suspect throughout all of your cameras. This enables operators to quickly comb through hours of recorded footage, efficiently grouping video data to help track a person or vehicle’s route, identify a previous and last-known location,  who was involved,  who they were in contact with and assist investigations

Besides law enforcement, the technology has applications in other areas, too such as across many vertical markets. These include transportation (air and land), city centers, critical facilities (for example corporate facilities and hospitals, and large public events), retail etc

We are proud to be the first to present an innovative product and set new limits in the security market of Cyprus by presenting the sophisticated technology «Appearance Search» that is an enhancement/addition to our innovative technology of Self Learning Video Analytics. This addition affords the user with enhanced forensic investigations by allowing them to build robust video evidence and create powerful narrative events fast and easy saving time and money.


 «Appearance Search» sets new standards and is now available in Cyprus exclusively by KRYPTO SECURITY, which aims for the best product/services of today's technology.

Find out more about this technolgy by clicking here Avigilon

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