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The need for Intruder Alarm Systems in both commercial and domestic premises is becoming more and more important as crime relating to burglary continues to increase. An Intruder Alarm System is designed to deter or detect unauthorized entry to your premises. Our system can employ a variety of different detection devices to meet specific needs. These include Magnetic Contacts for windows, doors and roller shutters, Passive Infra Red/Dual Technology sensors for detecting movement and Vibration Sensors to detect physical attack. In addition, Personal Attack Buttons can be supplied in all installations so that the alarm system can be activated irrespective of whether the system is set or unset thus assuring constant personal protection. Smoke Detectors may also be incorporated into the System to complete the all round security of your premises.

The security system can also be designed to incorporate remote signaling, which in the event of activation will alert the Central Monitoring Station, who in turn notifies the police and the key holders.

Utilising the latest on tehncology we are able to provide Home Automation / Smart Home funcitonality with the client able to manage both security and home automation through a common touch pad and a common software/application for remote access through a computer or a smart device.

The equipment used for our installations has been carefully selected to be user friendly whilst providing the most up-to-date technology for your protection. Our security consultants undertake a free survey to provide good economical protection, which is submitted in clear, concise, easy to read specifications and accompanied with a plan and illustrations of the proposed equipment.

The alarm systems have two sub-categories:



Alternative Contact Method after telephone line loss


As fixed telephone lines disappear and the future for GSM alarm transmission becomes more uncertain, the AES Intellinet wireless network continues to offer unparalleled reliability and speed of transmission of alarm signals from the customer premises to the central station without paying or reward dependence on networks operated by companies outside the industry alarm (Internet GSM), RF remains the most reliable network for communication.For more information please go to:


This is an alternative method of communication through the GSM network. These devices have evolved and can offer a range of additional benefits beyond the simple transmission signal, including sms on the customer’s mobile with information from the system or sms to accept commands from the client for activation / deactivation, cancellation zone, activation of any order e.g opening the gate, lights, etc. The disadvantage of this option is the monthly rate, but mostly the easy bypass of the signal through jammer devices. jammer
For more information please go to:

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