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Our Self-learning Video Analytics is on board our cameras (Edge Analytics) performing analytics on full HD resolution and is here to fill in the gap of all previous technologies that were based on the retrospective approach and could only give evidence after a crime occurred. Our Self-learning Video Analytics solution is designed to provide a proactive approach and response thus preventing the crime before it takes place. This is a great innovation as finally clients can feel secure by having a system that will warn them well enough before the intrusion in their property by receiving a video alert on their mobile device or on their security company’s monitoring station and or their guard with all of them being able to remotely talk to the suspect and deter him away. The system uses internationally awarded advanced video patents and combines them with artificial intelligence allowing accurate detection and false alarm elimination via its self-learning process of the environment as well as via the training upload of true or false events to the camera by the user.

Having an Edge Analytics solution and not a software running on a computer based analytics solution it is a great benefit for the client as there is one dedicated processor at each camera instead of one Server CPU running analytics for many cameras and therefore avoid a complete system loss from a single point of failure (server).
In addition if one DSP dies analytics shall be lost only for one stream instead of a complete system. Your safety will not depend on OS (Windows or …) and a network failure will not affect our edge analytics as the camera will still provide local actions (trigger relay based on analytics).

Watch an explanatory video in order to understand the logic and benefits of the technology of Self-learning Video Analytics.

This technology allows simple and effective monitoring of areas as it focus only on events that would be suspicious for each client separately. It is fully configurable and detection includes alarm triggers with any of the below events:

  • Object enters / exits in a surveillance area.
  • Object crosses a line.
  • Multiple objects entering / exiting a surveillance area with the capability of determining the number of objects.
  • Object moving suspiciously in a loitering area.
  • Subject is moving in the wrong direction.
  • Item removed from a specific location – object removal.
  • Object leaves a particular area – abandon object.
  • Object starts to run.
  • Object stopped in surveillance area with the possibility of setting the exact time.
  • Counting people in places like malls for statistical purposes.
  • Traffic management.

This new proactive surveillance technology consists of advanced video patents that detect moving of objects and decide if this activity within the scene matches any of our thousands of patents embedded within our camera of humans/vehicles or boats and if so a video alarm pop up is generated.  Settings allow triggering of alarms in specific times and days.

View in this short video the process which follows a detection by our Self-learning video analytics.


Watch here real incidents that were deterred by our operator remotely speaking to the intruder. (Please turn on your speakers)

Click here to view how video analytics pop up alarms are managed by monitoring / control stations.

Click to view how video analytics pop ups are managed by Mobile phones in an easy and effective manner affording an instant notification at the time of the incident.

Click here to view the simple process of searching video analytics alarms generated by our system.

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