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A videophone controlled entry is now a simple but standard level of protection any building or residence should have

The system easily adapts to the needs of a new or existing buildings. Today’s advanced technology and simple to use makes a videophone ideal for large buildings/complexes/apartment blocks as well as residential premises with a system that is able to expand to cover future needs.

Technology and aesthetics are perfectly combined on hands free, color display, handset free, analogue or IP technology enabling full management of your visitors through your smartphone. The technology of the future in conjunction with numerous opportunities, provides flexibility to the world of technology affording and added and high value functionality to the end user. Digital and IP technology has substantially reduced the wiring volume simplifying the installation time as well as the operation of the system.

Harmonic finish combined with high technology, clean modern lines in design and high quality materials characterize all devices.

An integral part of the interior of a house with unique advantages and multiple functions for comfort and safety of the area in modern times, is the perfect choice for anyone paying attention to quality and aesthetics.

Videophone Systems are separated into 2 categories:

The Analogue and IP Videophone Solutions. Click on the links for more details


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