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A very challenging project.

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This summer your home will be safe


This summer your home will be safe.

Find out about the statistics and what you should do to keep the intruders away.

Summer is here and this is the time we think about our family vacation. However, most home burglaries take place during the summer months of July and August.

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10 Useful tips on how to protect your business from possible burglaries


Unfortunately burglaries or even attempted burglaries occur very often all around Cyprus at various businesses. It has been noted specifically that at certain burglaries, the robbers break the front door and take whatever is in front of them. That's why the best defense for your company's protection is to be proactive and be prepared. You need to act before something happens and not when it's too late. Some tips are very simple and easy to follow and at the same time very important for the protection of your business valuables and your employees.

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How to protect your beloved ones from the traumatic experience of a violent intrusion


Nowadays, the number of unfortunate incidents of violent intrusions and burglaries is growing rapidly. Even in Cyprus, a country considered safe, violent intrusions in residents and workplaces have been drastically increased in recent years. The intrusion affects the victim’s peace of mind and negative feelings take over, even in the cases of no physical abuse.

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